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Newborn Hearing Tests – Mon, Apr 13th 2015

When some people hear about hearing loss, they think about older adults or seniors however, it’s one of the most common disorders found in newborns.
Approximately 1%-2% of…

Why Should You Celebrate Audiology Awareness Month? – Mon, Apr 13th 2015

This could be the month.
The month you finally stop turning up the television volume.
The month you stop asking people to repeat themselves.
The month you stop missing…

'Ray Charles Effect' Could Work on Adults – Mon, Apr 13th 2015

Could time cover eyesin the dark improve your hearing?
A recent study suggests it could.
Researchers from the University of Maryland and Johns Hopkins University tested the…

What do chickens have to do with hearing loss? – Mon, Apr 13th 2015

When you think about chickens, you probably don’t think about hearing loss.
But after a new study by the Hearing Health Foundation’s Hearing Restoration Project, you…

Video Teaches Deaf People Their Rights – Mon, Apr 13th 2015

The wife of a police officer, Matlin is in a unique position to understand the complexities of the issue and communicate them to people on both sides.
Matlin gives helpful tips…

Are Your Ears Protected? – Mon, Apr 13th 2015

I was on a walk with a co-worker the other day when it happened.
On our stroll near our building’s parking lot, we passed a parked car. Without warning, its owner pressed…

We'll Spring Clean Your Hearing Aids – Mon, Apr 13th 2015

Ahh, spring.
The flowers are blooming. The birds are chirping. And everyone is breaking out the duster to wage war on the dust bunnies that moved in over the winter.

Hearing Loss and Dementia – Mon, Apr 13th 2015

You’ve noticed your ears don’t work like they used to.
Maybe you miss parts of conversations or your favorite sitcom. Or maybe you ask people to repeat themselves a…

Ear infections – Mon, Apr 13th 2015

Iear infectionf you’re a parent, you know when your child has an ear infection. Crying, irritability, and fever are a few of the telltale signs. But could you recognize an…

New study finds some hearing loss could be reversible – Mon, Apr 13th 2015

You know to protect your ears with hearing protection. You know that once any degree of hearing loss is gone, it’s gone forever.
As it turns out, that might not be…