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Hearing and Balance Centers of West Tennessee & The Jackson Hearing Center are professionally staffed, audiology-based facilities dedicated to the care and management of hearing loss and related problems, including hearing aid fittings and maintenance. Our mission is to provide the highest quality service and technology to the hearing impaired. Our audiologists dedicated to educating the public on hearing health care issues, informing customers of the latest advancements in audiology, dispensing hearing aid products that will enhance communication, and ensuring patient satisfaction.  

At the Hearing and Balance Centers of West Tennessee in Memphis and Jackson, we have a passion for helping people. Our experienced Audiologists hold doctoral degrees in Audiology and are completely committed to their on-going education and training: the pursuit of more effective hearing loss treatments.

We carry hearing aids from the industry’s leading manufacturers – with a variety of styles and features. Our hearing aid technology allows us to treat a wide range of hearing impairments. Our Memphis and Jackson, Tennessee area Audiologists provide comprehensive hearing healthcare, so the process doesn’t end with a hearing aid fitting. We guide you through the adjustment period and maintain contact with you to ensure that your hearing aids are working effectively and properly maintained.

In order to treat your hearing loss, you must take action. We’ll help you every step of the way, but you have to take the first step. Schedule an appointment with one of our experienced Audiologists at the Hearing and Balance Centers of West Tennessee, conveniently located in Memphis and Jackson. Don’t delay – your life is waiting!