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Each new day gives us a brand new melody.

Whether it’s the roar of the crowd at a sporting event, the exchange of ideas in a business meeting, or simple dinner conversation with friends, the sounds around us make up the music of our lives.

Welcome to Hearing and Balance Centers of West Tennessee & The Jackson Hearing Center. Since 2000, we’ve helped patients hear this daily symphony through their most important instrument: their ears. Our experienced audiologists and board-certified hearing instrument specialist will evaluate your hearing and offer solutions to fit your lifestyle, including hearing aids.

We realize that acknowledging there is a problem with hearing loss is a very daunting prospect. That’s why we go the extra mile to ensure an informative and satisfying experience for our patients. At Hearing and Balance Centers of West Tennessee, our audiologists take great pride in fitting our patients with the hearing aid technology that’s right for them through a consultative process.

We stay current through continued education about the latest hearing aid technology. Our goal is to fit patients with the product that fits their lives – whether they’re at work, talking on the phone, or navigating through noisy situations.

The patients we serve in the Memphis and Jackson areas undergo truly personalized hearing aid fittings and testing. They can rely on the fact that our audiologists are using the most current standards of equipment and protocols to ensure utmost accuracy. All of our testing is conducted by a qualified by a provider.

The most important factor, however, is the patient’s willingness to work with the audiologist or Licensed Hearing Instrument Specialist. If there is a break in communication, the best solution cannot be reached. That’s where the quality of our customer service enters the equation. Our compassionate audiologists and office staff provides a safe environment for patients to be forth-coming about their hearing loss. We’ve received many referrals for excellent patient care, and this is, without a doubt the core of our return and new business.

Our patients are like family to us, which is why we’re committed to delivering expert hearing aid services with honesty, respect, and care. Life is a song. Let us help you hear every note.